Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tingting and JoJo---a sister team to make your dream dress come true!

JoJo (l), Ting (r)

TingBridal is a US home based studio owned by myself, Ting, and my beautiful little sister Jojo, we focus on making dresses and accessories for brides who are looking for something a little more special and custom than what you can find from many bridal retailers.  Many of our brides have a destination, outdoor, or some other non-traditional wedding, and they want the dress, jewelry, or vail to be just as special. We like to use organic and natural material, such as 100% silk, cotton, as well as vintage lace and fabric from vintage wedding gowns.

In addition to being a wedding designer and dress-maker I am a yoga instructor and I have degrees in teaching and media broadcasting.  I just love creating something new, using a wide range of materials, and rumaging through antique stores to discover a perfect 50's lace gown.  It is also great working with brides to see what new ideas we can come up with together.  

Jojo at work
JoJo at work

Jojo is great at beading and making small wedding accessories, and she helps me purchase all the silk material from the silk capital of the world, Suzhou China. She also has her own fashion studio based in Suzhou.  I will try to write an article about beautiful Suzhou with lots of pictures later.

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  1. Hi Ting!

    We talked last winter when I was looking for a dress, remember me?
    Me and my sister just started our own blog. I saw your new etsy store and I wanted to say everything looks great! I took the liberty of talking about your store and one of your dresses with a link to your site on etsy.

    Best of luck!