Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lots of change, lots of hope!

Curently I moved my studio to Three Rivers, where I can relax more and focus on my work. Spring and summer is the busiest time of year for me, because most people like to get married in summer or fall. Busy is a good thing I guess, that means my small business is doing pretty well, but I do feel I need some break some time:)

I think this year I'm going to focus on dresses that made of chiffon or tulle. I just love the flowy and romantic feel of these fabrics. For small business like us, we really have to limit our dress style and fabric using, that will improve a lot in time saving and quality of the dress.

So this is my schedule for 2011:

March-September I will be located in Three Rivers, September I move back to A2.

Finish all the custom orders from January to February

Renew all my dress styles, begin with spring and summer new designs
I will limit my custom order dress style to 10-15, and only use silk chiffon and tulle fabric.

Photo shoot. We will use real brides and real wedding for modeling

Work on fall and winter design

Fall break, rest! No custom orders for one month

Move back to Ann Arbor, and  begin with new custom orders

If you are a local bride from Michigan area, you are very welcome to visit my home base studio, and get measurements taken by me. I give a 20% discount for local brides.

Oh, one important thing I should mention here: I will design more beautiful and comfortable dresses for pregnant women, because I just become one of them!^_^

2011 is a great year with a wonderful begginning. Lots of change, lots of hope!